Expanding the MLB Part 2: Choosing Team Names For Vegas & Nashville

2 thoughts on “Expanding the MLB Part 2: Choosing Team Names For Vegas & Nashville

  1. Nashville Stars is a no-brainer. Works all the way around. Your Las Vegas franchise name ideas are pretty cool, but I prefer the Las Vegas Aces. Looking forward: MLB wants to fix the Oakland and Tampa Bay stadium fiascos before expanding.

    Pretty sure the A’s will follow the Raiders and relocate to Vegas, while the Rays move to Charlotte. So that’s 30 solid teams, with the league looking to grow by two teams. Expansion to Nashville makes sense. The remaining team would probably be the reestablishment of the Montreal Expos. Although I would give a long-shot chance to the New Jersey Knights, San Antonio Greys, Utah Bees or Portland Pioneers becoming a reality.

    Heck, how about “all of the above” and expand to 36 teams! Could keep traditional divisional alignments in place, with 6 team now in each division. Go with the expanded 8 team per league playoff format from 2020. Go with a 150 game schedule (2 game home & away series vs. every team not in division; 3 game home & away series vs. all divisional foes).

    1. Hey Jesse! Thanks for the comment. Las Vegas Aces was a total no-brainer and I would have included it if not for the WNBA team by the same name. I wanted to avoid that one just to make it as realistic as possible.

      Totally agree the A’s are headed to Vegas sooner rather than later. However I think the Rays are set on a Montreal/Tampa 81 game split unfortunately. With all the other major sports leagues looking at expansion I hope MLB follows!

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