MLB Cy Young Award: My AL and NL “Ladders”

As we get into the first week of August, the Cy Young race for the AL and NL are ever changing. Some pitchers are approaching or are at the twenty-start milestone thus far in the season, which is really when the race for this award heats up. In this blog, I will provide my Cy Young Award “ladder” for both leagues, listing out my top-5.

2 thoughts on “MLB Cy Young Award: My AL and NL “Ladders”

  1. Gausman not even in the Top 5? Wow, the SF Giants continue to get no respect. DeGrom has been stellar, but in my view has missed too much time to be a Cy Young winner.

    1. I wrote this before it was announced that deGrom would miss possibly the rest of the season. But now I would definitely put him in the 4-5 spot on the list. Same with Wheeler, he’s taken a big jump and I would definitely put him on this list if I were to write this blog again now.

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